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The whole truth about botulinum toxin injections

Popular beauty treatments are always covered with various myths. There has been a lot of talk about various beauty injections in recent years, which are used in aesthetic medicine for wrinkle smoothing, lip gloss or other appearance enhancements. Although aesthetic medicine specialists agree that it is a medical achievement that changes the quality of life, there are still skeptics who think it is just vainglory. You`ve probably heard many times that botox turns the face into a mask that is unable to express natural human emotions or even causes addiction, but the truth is quite different.

What is Botulinum Toxin provided for?

Botulin is a protein found naturally in certain bacteria. This product has been used successfully and safely for several decades not only for beauty, but also for health. The most of us don`t know that botulinum toxin injections can be used to treat abundant sweating or even urinary problems and migraine. However, it is usually used to reduce localized facial wrinkles. Botulinum quickly, painlessly and efficiently smooths out facial wrinkles caused by repetitive movements of facial muscles, and fine vertical wrinkles around the lips that smokers often have. Botulinum toxin injections are used to:

  • Reduce or eliminate stubborn mimic wrinkles in the forehead, lips and nose area;
  • Stop wrinkle formation;
  • Adjust the lip shape, eliminate asymmetry;
  • Smooth the wrinkles in the neckline and neck area;
  • Remove scars from various injuries or acne, depressions on the skin surface, or other defects;
  • Adjust face contours, give brighter features;
  • Get the feeling of freshness and youthfulness on your skin.


Safe and reliable procedure

People often fear that botulinum toxin is an unsafe and dangerous product for the body. However, it is true that it is material produced according to the highest standards, and it is precisely cleaned of any unwanted substances.

There is also a frequent myth that the face looks like a mask after botulinum toxin injections – it becomes difficult to express your emotions because the facial muscles are paralyzed. Really, only a very small and carefully measured amount of preparation is used for each procedure, as determined by an experienced specialist. Only an unwanted wrinkle or other skin defect is affected, so the ability to express your emotions remains the same as before the procedure.

If you are interested in injections of botulinum toxin, it is useful to know a few things. The procedure does not require any special preparation, the most important thing is to feel good. During the procedure, the correct amount of preparation is injected with the fin needle into the correct place, which erases the wrinkles and relaxes the mimic muscle. The patient does not experience any discomfort as the skin can be anesthetized with a special cream if necessary. It is advisable to avoid the sun a few weeks after beauty injections, not to go to the solarium and refuse intensive training for a while. You can enjoy with results in a few days or in a week and return to normal activity the same day. Usually, the effect lasts from 3 to 12 months, but this period increases with repeated procedures. In addition, repeated botulinum toxin injection procedures have been proven to reduce the chance of new mimic wrinkles afterwards.

Botulinum toxin injections can be performed to both men and women over the age of 25 years. These beauty injections cannot be used if there is an infection in the healing area, as well as if you are gravida or suffering from muscle and nervous system disorders. A specialist evaluates the situation with the help of knowledge and experience before each procedure – carries out a detailed examination, asks the right questions and assesses the condition of the skin and introduces the treatment in detail.

Botulinum toxin is one of the most studied cosmetic products, it is not worth taking the trouble to it. It is important to follow the recommendations for the use of botulinum toxin, not to perform procedures more often than recommended and to rely on a specialist. Then you will be able to enjoy the naturally refreshed face, you will be more satisfied with your image in the mirror and you will receive plenty of compliments.