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If you lose one, several or all of your teeth it is difficult to chew food, and thus disrupts the digestive system, you start to shame smiling, social skills and pronunciation of speech are deteriorating. Prosthesis is the recovery of missing teeth with various construction restorations. Prosthetic dentures are also necessary for non-vital teeth to prevent their fissures and fractures that lead to tooth removal.

The most common types of dental prosthesis are:

  • one tooth crowns (“caps”) and bridge prostheses made of non-metallic ceramic (zirconium, Emax) or metal ceramics – they cover the entire tooth and are used when your teeth are worn out, changed color, cracked. The crown is made of the same size, shape and color.
  • prosthesis on implants (one, several or all teeth restoration) – are used when one or more teeth are missing.
  • micro prosthetics (liners, overlays, laminates) – these services help to restore the shape and structure of teeth.
  • removable prosthesis (plates) are dentures that we make so that they look like natural teeth (of size, shape, color).