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Professional Oral Hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is a key tool to prevent teeth against dental decay and periodontal disease. These diseases are caused by plaque build-up on the tooth enamel and the microorganisms contained therein. These plaques damage the tooth enamel, which causes the teeth to become damaged. It is not always possible to ensure the perfect cleanness in the oral cavity with a toothbrush, so the solution is to come to an oral hygienist who will perform professional oral hygiene. This procedure has various advantages:

  • Helps prevent dental decay;
  • Supports healthy gums;
  • Prevents bad breath;
  • Helps maximize the destruction of microorganisms that cause oral diseases;
  • Ensures that you enjoy your teeth for longer period.

Professional dental hygiene is recommended for every person at least 1-2 times a year. It is especially important for smokers, for individuals who wear braces, and those whose teeth have been restored with dental implants or prostheses – they should not forget to visit a specialist for this procedure. In such cases, it is recommended that professional oral hygiene be performed more frequently. Professional oral hygiene lasts 30-60 minutes and is completely painless and does not cause any discomfort. This procedure verifies the condition of the teeth, removes dental plaque with an ultrasound scaler, and then the teeth are sprayed with soda, using Air-Flow technology, and polished. This is one of the newest and most effective methods of removing dental plaque.
Do not forget that it is not possible to remove all the bacteria in the oral cavity. Come for your professional oral hygiene and you`ll be amazed by the feeling of cleanliness and comfort in your mouth!