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Druskininkai Implantology Center (DRIC) is a place that provides universal services that can meet the needs of each patient. We will help you no matter what your purpose is: finally to have a perfectly healthy oral cavity, beautify your smile or recover lost teeth.

One of the main areas of activity of DRIC is teeth restoration with implants, but it also provides routine therapeutic treatment, straightening of teeth, prosthetics, dental root canal treatment, professional oral hygiene, aesthetic dentistry procedures, laser treatment, beauty injections and a number of other procedures performed exclusively through advanced and modern equipment and reliable and certified materials.

Our mission is to turn each patient`s smile into a healthy, beautiful and shining one. For this purpose, we have set up a team of professional doctors who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills in international seminars, conferences and trainings. These professionals not only know how to care for your health, but also have the ability to establish a close and sincere relationship with each patient.

Not only adults and grandparents, but also youngsters patients can visit the DRIC clinic. We pay special attention to the treatment of children`s teeth, because we know that it allows us to form proper oral care habits that prevent future problems.

By visiting the DRIC, you can be sure that your health is in the most caring hands. We always work so that each of you not only receives the help you need, but also feels welcome, auscultated and happy.

We are excited every time when your face shines with a smile!