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Why is it necessary to restore a missing tooth?

People do not consider the loss of one or more teeth a big problem unless it is the anterior tooth that affects the appearance. But this approach is wrong – the missing teeth need to be restored because their lack can damage:

Appearance.Even if there is only one tooth missing, it can affect a person`s appearance, self-confidence, career prospects and social life. People with “incomplete” smile due to lack of teeth are underestimated – both in terms of social success and character. A broad smile is no longer an advantage but a necessity in the modern world.


Condition of related teeth.Teeth are a harmonious system. If the missing tooth is replaced with new one, the others will also move: the upper tooth will lose its support and slide down until eventually it starts to wobble and falls out, and the related teeth will fade, the food goes to the gaps, so they will soon decay and it will be difficult to repair them. Moving teeth can cause dental occlusion problems.


Jaw bone disappearance.The roots of the teeth are based on the bone of the jaw thus stimulating the bone cells and preventing them from melting. If there is no root of the tooth, the bone cells begin to die at that place and the bone begins to melt. Lack of one or more teeth can lead to jaw contraction and facial deformation. The face contours change and the person looks older than actually is.


Digestion and good mood.When several teeth are missing, it may be more difficult to chew certain foods well, which can lead to inadequate nutrition and poor quality of life. By thoroughly chewing food, the whole digestive system is “fired up”: the teeth massage the gums and give a signal to the brain to “instruct” the digestive organs to prepare for food. Non-chewed and non-digested food starts to ferment and rot, which causes various gastrointestinal diseases. We contaminate the body with toxins that worsen the physical and emotional well-being. Proper chewing is the guarantee of endurance, ability to work and good mood.


Speaking.Losing one or more teeth can cause language discomfort, such as lisp and so on. Teeth on dental implants allow you to feel, look, and communicate like with your natural teeth.