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No removable dentures – a unique technique allows you to restore your teeth during the day

People who have lost most or all of their teeth have the opportunity to have not only aesthetic but also teeth performing a full-fledged chewing function. The globally known “All—on-4” method, applied in Lithuania, allows to restore all the teeth of one jaw – lower or upper – only on four implants. They are screwed into the jaw during one day and then non-removable prosthesis  is attached to them.

“All-on-4” is a long-term solution based on global research and long-term successful treatment practice. An individual, who has lost all his (her) teeth or most of them, can forget the inconvenient removable dentures, and the newly developed teeth on the implants look almost like natural healthy teeth. This solution protects you from jaw loss and emotional and physical discomfort and, in a short time, allows you to enjoy the quality of life again.

“This procedure is suitable even for patients whose jaw bone is melted. On the same day, both implants are screwed in and they are fitted with temporary non-removable dentures. After a while, the selected, removable long-term prostheses are adapted. They can be zirconium ceramics, PEEK material with composite finish, metal ceramics. They can serve for many years under their proper supervision,” says Lior Nachmaney, Oral Surgeon of the Vilnius Odontology Center.

The local anesthesia is applied during the procedure and the patient does not feel pain. And for those who are very afraid, partial short-term anesthesia – sedation can be offered and applied. This “All-on-4” method allows avoiding long-lasting and expensive open sinus lifting, bone block augmentation surgeries.

“The implant research and development processes are ongoing globally. We are trained abroad several times a year, and we apply the latest knowledge in practice, working with patients,” explains doctors of Vilnius Odontology Center.

The latter unanimously agree that the “All-on-4” method makes it possible to completely forget the discomfort that a person normally experiences when wearing dentures. Patients who wear removable dentures are not able to completely chew food, as they often move in the mouth, cause unpleasant sensations, wish to take them away, or even more inconvenience when you have to feel the taste of adhesive for dentures in your mouth,” oral surgeons share patient experience.

All the necessary patient information is collected before the implantation procedure, but modern implants have very few contraindications. Perhaps the most important thing is the patient`s compliance with the doctor`s instructions. Age no longer plays any role in this process.

Oral Surgeon Raimundas Golubevas is asked if do the human body often not accept implants, says that such “rejection” is almost absent. “Dental implants are made of materials that are biocompatible with the human body and the manufacturer provides them with a lifetime guarantee. Very rarely, for some reason, for example, if a patient has not followed a doctor`s prescribed regimen, the implants do not “take root” immediately, then the procedure needs to be restarted,” says R. Golubevas. He reminds that one week before implantation the patient should have a professional oral hygiene if he (she) has his (her) own teeth.

Quality of life is changing

Oral Surgeon L. Nachmaney, an Israeli-born doctor, says that not only the physical but also the emotional state improves after the implantation procedure. “A person`s self-confidence increases significantly, even we have noticed a tendency that people decide to look for a better paid job, they fall in love again. However, patients are most pleased that they can finally chew food again. Implants serve a long time, almost as much as the own teeth, so they are not afraid to eat harder food also,” says L. Nachmaney. It is necessary to have a dentist`s examination after implantation and prosthesis, and it is advisable to perform oral hygiene at least once every six months,” reminds Oral Surgeon Jolanta Buinovska.

“All-on-4” is a treatment technique that allows you to create strong, aesthetically-looking teeth and return the patient joy to eat. General practice dentists can implant in Lithuania, but specialists advise to choose oral or facial and jaw surgeons because they have a wide range of surgical experience.