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No day without tooth – Instantaneous Implantation

Maximally short treatment time, no sutures and no additional surgical interventions!

For those who have irreparably damaged one or more teeth and need to remove them, Nobel Biocare offers a unique dental restoration method – instantaneous implantation. Using this method, the implant is inserted into the location of the newly removed tooth. This is usually performed within 10 – 15 minutes. The implantation procedure equates to the usual tooth filling. Surgical intervention is minimal, so the patient does not feel pain, swell, bleeding and does not need antibiotics. A beautiful temporary tooth is attached immediately to the implant, so a person can smile freely and chew food after the procedure, his (her) work activity and social life are not disrupted. After a few months, the temporary tooth is replaced by a permanent tooth that is no different from the natural one. Instantaneous implantation allows you to minimize the duration of treatment, avoiding stitches and additional surgical interventions.

Video about single teeth restoration:

All Nobel Biocare materials are biologically compatible with the human body. Even 99 percent of procedures performed with the company`s dental implants are successful. High quality dental implants and aesthetically-looking new teeth – ceramic crowns or bridges – usually serve the rest of your life.

Advantages of Instantaneous Implantation over Traditional Implantation:
Tooth removal Tooth removal + implant insertion + attachment of temporary tooth
Waiting for 2-4 months Attaching a permanent tooth in 2-4 months.
Implant insertion and gum stitching
Implant healing for 2-4 months
Attaching a healing head or temporary prosthesis
Fixing a permanent tooth in 2-4 months.